Bug reports / feature requests

Known bugs:
BugStatusDetailed descriptionNote / workaround
No WOS screenshotsfixed in 1.4 This bug also caused crashes when returning from WOS
Corrupted snapshotsfixed in 1.4 Couldn't load saved snapshots in some cases
No multitouch supportfixed in 1.5 You can't use shifts on the onscreen keyboard Long-press the menu key to popup your system keyboard
Incomplete .tzx loaderfixed in 1.5 Games with turbo/custom copy protected TZXs won't load Use .TAP tapes or .Z80 snapshosts instead
Limited border effectsconfirmed Border can show only one color per lie Well, not a big deal I guess :)
Mono soundconfirmedNo AY stereo modeAnyone really needs stereo on a mobile phone ?
Tape loader problemsfixed in 1.5 The tape sometimes won't stop/start properly Will fix this one
Load game crashfixed in 1.3Loading crashes on some devices with older CPUs
Black or white screenfixed in 1.3 No picture on some devices
No joystickfixed in 1.3 No visible jostick on some devices
Android <2.0 incompatiblefixed in 1.2 The app runs only on Android 2.0+ devices

You can post bug reports and feature requests to the facebook group or e-mail to zxmarvin at gmail dot com