Friday, August 27, 2010

version 1.5 released

Ok, so what's new in version 1.5 ?

Above all, the tape support is greatly improved, now supporting tzx turbo, custom loaders and flash-loading.
It's still not 100% (e.g. some speedlocks don't load), but getting there. Then there's multitouch support - not very functional on Nexus/Desires because of their hardware limitations, but quite useful on Galaxy S for example - you can finally use the on-screen fire button there, that's a new feature too.
You can also map joystick to hardware keys now - joystick fire is auto-mapped to the camera button on Sony X10, where you have virtually no other options. Some little bugfixes of course, and the brand-new WorldOfSpectrum search function. That's about it.


  1. Am loving this update so far, thank you. Caps shift+ now works a treat, including getting into E and G modes. I usually have to press one key above the second key that I actually want though.

    When using Symbol Shift+ though the second key is not read accurately. It seems to be a problem with identifying the vertical position, since it usually gives the character from the key on the bottom row below where the screen is pressed. Sometimes it will give the top row key, but very rarely the ones in between.

    I'm using it on an HTC Hero.

  2. Valhalla broke in this release. It loads and then the screen gets corrupted. Used to play it all the time on all previous versions!

  3. This seems to be a bug in tzx loader, but you can still play it if you load the Valhalla.tap (or the .z80)

  4. That worked, tried the tap and valhalla loads fine. thanks!

  5. Downloaded this on my galaxy S, absolutely love it!! Adding the WOS archive integration was a stroke of genius. I'd gladly pay (or donate some money) for Marvin if you included a way to use the built in android keyboard - it would make playing text adventures (and programming) much easier.

    Having started android development myself I can see how it's not quick and easy to implement stuff, however I think the option to use the android keyboard for input would be really really useful in many cases as an alternative to the on screen rubber keyboard of yesteryear.

    Cheers for a great free app!

  6. once again, long-pressing the menu key pops up the standard Android keyboard

  7. Hey, Thank you for this great app. I'm using a Galaxy S with Stock Froyo. Is there anyway to slow the emulator down? seems to be constantly in Turbo for every game I try.



  8. Love it to bits. Though the keboard is not working, gives completely wrong letters, on Motorola Xoom (Honeycomb) and can't enable the Android keyboard. Alao would love to be able to move the fire button to the lower right corner in landscape mode. Thanks!

  9. Where TR-DOS Support?!
    The rest isn't important...

  10. Hi

    Is it possible to add some memory modifications that were common here in Czechia?
    Such as Didaktik Gama or LEC528 by Jiri Lamac?

    Contact me at tomas.f(at) ror the hardware documentation of it.

  11. Great work, congratulations! Ever thought of charging a fee for your application? I'd say it's by far good enough to do so. Besides, money would be a good incentive to keep up the development,

  12. Samsung Galaxy S2 .. long press on menu does not show android keyboard. But that's not the problem.
    Problem is there is no way to display joystick in portrait. And on landscape, it's just black square. I've seen screenshots with joystick in portrait, how do I do that ?

  13. Hi there!

    The download is aviable only via Google.Play?

  14. Hi, Any plans to port this to OUYA. It would be a great addition!

  15. Is there a guide somewhere?
    Marvi has got such high ratings and yet I can't find a way to be able to actually play anything on it so I must be missing something.
    In landscape mode there is no way to bring up the spectrum keyboard? I'm stuck with the joystick? what if I want to play an adventure game?
    also, in portrait mode I can only play with the keyboard? that makes it impossible to do anything.
    finally a really stupid question. In 128k mode how do I navigate the menu up and down?? I tried everything!
    please help me out, I feel like I'm missing something here.
    thanks a lot

    -bug program

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  19. Initial installation worked a treat, but now I cannot swipe into load menu only get the 128k screen or Android keyboard